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A Case of an Adenocarcinoid Tumor in the Cecum.
Lee, Seung Hyun , Ahn, Byung Kwon , Baek, Sung Uhn , Park, Seun Ja , Chang, Hee Kyung
Ann Coloproctol. 2007;23(3):199-202.
A Case of Colon Cancer Associated with Colonic Tuberculosis.
Yun, Sang Chul , Shin, Eung Jin , Song, Ok Pyung , Kim, Hyung Chul , Lim, Cheol Wan , Cho, Gyu Seok , Chu, Chong Woo , Lee, Hyo Won
Ann Coloproctol. 2007;23(3):194-198.
Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of Anal Canal: Report of a Case.
Yun, Min Young , Choi, Sun Keun , Choi, Suk Jin , Hur, Yun Suk , Lee, Kun Young , Kim, Sei Joong , Cho, Young Up , Ahn, Seung Ick , Hong, Kee Chun , Shin, Suk Hwan , Kim, Kyung Rae , Woo, Ze Hong
Ann Coloproctol. 2007;23(2):132-135.
A Case of a Rectal Teratoma.
Oh, Seung Yeop , Song, Sun Choon , Lee, Kwang Jae , Kim, Yong Bae , Suh, Kwang Wook
Ann Coloproctol. 2007;23(2):129-131.
Carcinoid Tumor Arising within a Tailgut Cyst: A Case Report.
Lee, Chul Min , Lee, Seung Hyun , Jeon, Chang Wan , Ahn, Byung Kwon , Baek, Sung Uhn
Ann Coloproctol. 2007;23(1):65-67.
A Retrorectal Neurofibroma Resected by Transsacral Approach.
Cho, Bu Goan , Ahn, Byung Kwon , Lee, Seung Hyun , Baek, Sung Uhn , Chang, Hee Kyung
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(6):432-435.
Internal Hernia in Adult Patients: Transmesenteric Hernia and Internal Hernia through a Defect of the Broad Ligament.
Lee, Sang Myong , Lee, In Kyu , Lee, Yoon Suk , Kang, Won Kyung , Ahn, Chang Hyeok , Lee, Do Sang , Jung, Seung Eun , Chang, Suk Kyun
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(6):428-431.
Benign Solitary Cecal Ulcer Accompanied by Massive Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Hemorrhage.
Park, Jong Ik , Park, Sang Su , Kang, Sung Gu , Shin, Dong Gue , Yoon, Jin , Kim, Il Myung
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(6):424-427.
Sigmoid Colon Cancer with Isolated Metastasis to the Left Kidney.
Kim, Hyung Jin , Choi, Ho Joong , Kang, Won Kyung , Oh, Soon Nam , Jung, Chan Kwon , Oh, Seong Taek
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(5):346-349.
Obstructive Colitis Associated with Upper Rectal Cancer.
Lee, Jung Won , Namgung, Hwan , Park, Dong Guk
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(5):341-345.
Idiopathic Granulomatous Appendicitis: A case report.
Park, In Hyung , Kim, Woo Jin , Han, Min Suk , Kim, Soo Hang , Sun, Jae Hyung , Park, Jin Suk , Park, Jae Hong , Lee, Soong , Lee, Woong , Kim, Sun Phil
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(5):337-340.
A Case of Inflammatory Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of the Colon.
Namgung, Hwan
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(4):279-282.
Fournier's Gangrene after Excision of a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid.
Lee, Min Ro , Kim, Jong Hun , Hwang, Yong
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(4):276-278.
A Case of Adult Duplication Cyst Presenting with Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding.
Park, Min Su , Lee, Kil Yeon , Lee, Suk Hwan , Kim, Youn Wha
Ann Coloproctol. 2006;22(4):271-275.
  • Reduced-Port Laparoscopic Surgery for Patients With Proximal Transverse Colon Cancer With Situs Inversus Totalis: A Case Report. Ann Coloproctol. 2018;34:322-325
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