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Volume 18(2); Apr 2002
Original Articles
Comparison of Clinical Differences between Colonic Obstruction and Non-obstruction Groups in Colon Surgery.
Sim, Woo Jung , Park, Yong Keum , Chi, Kyong Choun , Lee, Jung Hyo , Chang, In Taik , Kim, Sang Jhoon
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):65-72.
Difference between Genders in Patients with Obstructive Defecation: Analysis of 1,513 Defecograms.
Park, Duk Hoon , Yoon, Seo Gue , Yoon, Jong Seop , Lee, Jong Ho , Rhoe, Hee Jung , Moon, Min Joo , Kim, Hyun Shig , Lee, Jong Kyun , Kim, Kwang Yun
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):73-82.
Manometric Investigation of Anorectal Dysfunction in Patients with Progressive Systemic Sclerosis.
Choi, Hong Jo , Lim, Hyun Sung , Park, Ki Jae , Chung, Won Tae , Lee, Sung Won
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):83-88.
Laparoscopic Suture Rectopexy for Rectal Prolapse.
Yoon, Seo Gue , Kim, Khun Uk , Noh, Khun Young , Lee, Jung Kyun , Kim, Kwang Yun
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):89-94.
Psychiatric Investigation by Using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory in Patients with Chronic Constipation.
Park, Ung Chae , Yoo, Young Bum , Kim, Jong Jun , Nam, Beom Woo
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):95-103.
Clinical Results of Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM).
Chung, Jun Chul , Choi, Sung Il , Lee, Doo Suk , Chang, Weon Young , Noh, Sang Ik , Oh, So Hyang , Lee, Woo Yong , Chun, Ho Kyung
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):104-109.
Anorectal Cancer Undetected at the Time of Hemorrhoidectomy.
Kang, Sung Bum , Heo, Seung Chul , Jung, Seung Yong , Choi, Hyo Seong , Park, Kyu Joo , Park, Jae Gahb
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):110-114.
Adenocarcinoma Associated with Anal Fistula.
Kang, Sung Bum , Heo, Seung Chul , Jung, Seung Yong , Choi, Hyo Seong , Park, Kyu Joo , Park, Jae Gahb
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):115-120.
Prognostic Significance of p53, nm23 and VEGF Expression in Primary and Hepatic Colorectal Cancer Metastases Following Surgical Resection.
Kim, Nam Kyu , Park, Jae Kun , Lee, Kang Young , Kim, Ho geun , Sohn, Seung Kook , Min, Jin Sik
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):121-127.
Case Report
Cases of Postoperative Mesenteric Panniculitis.
Park, Sung Dae , Bae, Ok Suk
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):128-132.
Original Article
A Case of Idiopathic Megacolon Associated with Sigmoid Volvulus.
Yeom, Joo Jin , Choi, Ji Hun , Kim, Ji Woong , Kim, Sang Wook , Kim, Tae Hyeon , Choi, Suk Chae , Lee, Jung Gyun , Yun, Ki Jung , Nah, Young Ho
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):133-136.
Case Report
Surgically Correctable Fecal Incontinence Associated with Traumatic Duhamel Operation: A Report of Three Cases.
Yoon, Wan Hee , Choi, Jeong Hun
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):137-140.
Surgical Treatment of Anal Fistula.
Jun, Soo Han
J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):141-146.
  • Standardized Step-by-step Technique Using Surgical Landmarks in Robotic Lateral Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection. J Korean Soc Coloproctol. 2021;37:58-60
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