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Benign proctology,Surgical technique
Transperineal rectocele repair is ideal for patients presenting with fecal incontinence
Marie Shella De Robles, Christopher J. Young
Ann Coloproctol. 2022;38(5):376-379.   Published online October 19, 2021
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Benign proctology,Biomarker & risk factor
Factors Predicting the Presence of Concomitant Enterocele and Rectocele in Female Patients With External Rectal Prolapse
Akira Tsunoda, Tomoko Takahashi, Kenji Sato, Hiroshi Kusanagi
Ann Coloproctol. 2021;37(4):218-224.   Published online January 12, 2021
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Benign proctology
Analyzing the Role of Anal Sphincter Pressure in Rectocele Formation
Süleyman Büyükaşık, Mehmet Abdussamet Bozkurt, Selin Kapan, Halil Alis
Ann Coloproctol. 2020;36(5):330-334.   Published online March 16, 2020
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Comparison of Long-term Clinical Outcomes according to the Change in the Rectocele Depth between Transanal and Transvaginal Repairs for a Symptomatic Rectocele
Choon Sik Chung, Sang Hwa Yu, Jeong Eun Lee, Dong Keun Lee
Ann Coloproctol. 2012;28(3):140-144.   Published online June 30, 2012
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Investigation of Defecographic Findings in Patients with Pelvic Outlet Obstructive Disease.
Kim, Kyong Rae , Kim, Young Sok , Chung, Soon Sup , Ahn, Eun Jung , Oh, Soo Youn , Park, Ung Chae , Shon, Dae Ho , Sakong, Joon , Kim, Sang Woon , Kim, Jae Hwang , Shim, Min Chul
Ann Coloproctol. 2005;21(6):376-383.
The Clinical and Physiologic Characteristics of Patients with Pelvic Outlet Obstructive Disease.
Ahn, Eun Jung , Jeong, Gyu Young , Cheon, Seung Hui , Lee, Eun Joung , Oh, Soo Youn , Chung, Soon Sup , Lee, Ryung Ah , Kim, Kwang Ho , Park, Eung Bum
Ann Coloproctol. 2005;21(6):362-369.
Psychiatric Investigation by Using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory in Patients with Chronic Constipation.
Park, Ung Chae , Yoo, Young Bum , Kim, Jong Jun , Nam, Beom Woo
Ann Coloproctol. 2002;18(2):95-103.
Biofeedback Therapy for Patients with Rectocele.
Kim, Bong Soo , Hwang, Yong Hee , Choi, Kun Pil
Ann Coloproctol. 2001;17(2):69-75.
Physiologic Characteristics and its Clinical Significances in the Patients with Pelvic Outlet Obstruction.
Park, Ung Chae , Chung, Soon Sup , Park, Seung Hwa
Ann Coloproctol. 2000;16(4):215-222.
Pathogenesis and Surgical Treatment of Rectal Prolapse Syndrome.
Kim, Jin Cheon , Kim, Chang Nam , Park, Sang Kyu , Kim, Sook Young , Yu, Chang Sik
Ann Coloproctol. 1998;14(2):225-234.
Annual long-term functional outcomes after transanal repair for symptomatic rectocele
Akira Tsunoda, Hiroshi Kusanagi
Received April 22, 2022  Accepted July 7, 2022  
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  • Double-layered hand-sewn anastomosis: a valuable resource for the colorectal surgeon. Ann Coloproctol. 2022;38:271-275
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