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Multiple gastrointestinal melanoma causing small bowel intussusception
Jian Yang Eng, Salehah Tahkin, Huzairi Yaacob, Nor Hayati Yunus, Ahmad Shan Wani Mohamed Sidek, Michael Pak-Kai Wong
Ann Coloproctol. 2023;39(1):85-88.   Published online July 21, 2021
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Malignant disease,Colorectal cancer,Complication,Biomarker & risk factor
Presepsin (soluble CD14 subtype) as a risk factor for the development of infectious and inflammatory complications in operated colorectal cancer patients
Kayrat Shakeyev, Yermek Turgunov, Alina Ogizbayeva, Olga Avdiyenko, Miras Mugazov, Sofiko Grigolashvili, Ilya Azizov
Ann Coloproctol. 2022;38(6):442-448.   Published online April 4, 2022
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Benign diesease & IBD,Rare disease & stoma
Determining the etiology of small bowel obstruction in patients without intraabdominal operative history: a retrospective study
Youngjin Jang, Sung Min Jung, Tae Gil Heo, Pyong Wha Choi, Jae Il Kim, Sung-Won Jung, Heungman Jun, Yong Chan Shin, Eunhae Um
Ann Coloproctol. 2022;38(6):423-431.   Published online December 8, 2021
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Benign proctology,Rare disease & stoma,Surgical technique
Comparison of blowhole colostomy and loop ostomy for palliation of acute malignant colonic obstruction
Yongjun Park, Dong Uk Choi, Hyung Ook Kim, Yong Bog Kim, Chungki Min, Jung Tack Son, Sung Ryol Lee, Kyung Uk Jung, Hungdai Kim
Ann Coloproctol. 2022;38(4):319-326.   Published online March 7, 2022
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Malignant disease, Rectal cancer,Prognosis and adjuvant therapy,Colorectal cancer,Biomarker & risk factor
Surgical Risk and Pathological Results of Emergency Resection in the Treatment of Acutely Obstructing Colorectal Cancers: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Giovanni Domenico Tebala, Andrea Mingoli, Andrea Natili, Abdul Qayyum Khan, Gioia Brachini
Ann Coloproctol. 2021;37(1):21-28.   Published online March 16, 2020
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Malignant disease
Early Postoperative Anastomotic Obstruction Due to an Intraluminal Blood Clot After Laparoscopic Anterior Resection: A Case Report
Soon Keun Kwon, Jin Soo Han, Jihyun Seo, Yong Sik Yoon
Ann Coloproctol. 2020;36(5):349-352.   Published online October 31, 2020
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Obstructive Ileocolitis in Patients With Obstructed Colorectal Cancer – A Matched Case Control Study
Ning-Qi Pang, Tian-Zhi Lim, Yuanpei Zhou, Ker-Kan Tan
Ann Coloproctol. 2018;34(4):175-179.   Published online August 31, 2018
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Obstructive Left Colon Cancer Should Be Managed by Using a Subtotal Colectomy Instead of Colonic Stenting
Chung Ki Min, Hyung Ook Kim, Donghyoun Lee, Kyung Uk Jung, Sung Ryol Lee, Hungdai Kim, Ho-Kyung Chun
Ann Coloproctol. 2016;32(6):215-220.   Published online December 31, 2016
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Spontaneous Transomental Hernia
Seung Hun Lee, Seung Hyun Lee
Ann Coloproctol. 2016;32(1):38-41.   Published online February 29, 2016
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Bezoar-induced Small Bowel Obstruction
Se Heon Oh, Hwan Namgung, Mi Hyun Park, Dong-Guk Park
Ann Coloproctol. 2012;28(2):89-93.   Published online April 30, 2012
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A Case of Successful Colonoscopic Treatment of Colonic Obstruction Caused by Phytobezoar
Sang Seok Yoon, Min Seong Kim, Dong Yoon Kang, Tack Su Yun, Jun Ho Jeon, Yong Kyu Lee, Se Woong Choi, Chi Hoon Kim
Ann Coloproctol. 2011;27(4):211-214.   Published online August 31, 2011
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Changes in Migrating Motor Complex after Bowel Obstruction in the Murine Ileum.
Moon, Sang Hui , Oh, Heung Kwon , Ryoo, Seungbum , Choe, Eun Kyung , Moon, Jung Sun , Park, Kyu Joo
Ann Coloproctol. 2010;26(3):171-178.
Clinical Features of Intestinal Obstruction after Colorectal Surgery.
Kim, Yeon Sun , Yu, Chang Sik , Lee, Kang Hong , Namgung, Hwan , Kim, Hee Cheol , Kim, Jin Cheon
Ann Coloproctol. 2003;19(6):354-359.
Flexible Rectal Stent for Obstructing Colonic Neoplasms.
Park, Je Hoon , Oh, So Hyang , Lee, Woo Yong , Choo, Sung Wook , Do, Young Soo , Chun, Ho Kyung
Ann Coloproctol. 2000;16(4):267-273.
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  • Robotic natural orifice specimen extraction surgery (NOSES) for anterior resection. Ann Coloproctol. 2023;39:526-530
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